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  • the state of organisational dialogue in 2017

    The state of organisational dialogue in 2017

    Your business’s success relies on meaningful conversations between your leaders and their teams. If you don’t change your current state, your business won’t perform well in the future.

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  • The HR professional's guide to conversational leadership

    The HR professional’s guide to conversational leadership

    Give your leaders the right skills and knowledge they need to transform conversations. After all, great conversational leadership can improve your business’s overall performance.

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  • Transforming conversations at Virgin Trains

    Transforming conversations at Virgin Trains

    Even the world’s biggest brands can improve how their employees talk and interact. Discover how Virgin Trains transformed the quality of its conversations.

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So, what are they all saying?

At t-three, we help you improve performance through your people. We work hard to inspire individuals, teams, and organisations to change, grow and succeed.

We are a committed, passionate bunch who love what we do. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what they’re saying about us…

  • “Clearly the best development programme I have ever attended. I am convinced as an individual and as a leadership population we have progressed massively in the last two years.”

    Toyota GB programme participant

  • “Working with the t-three group helped in understanding what the Leadership programme should focus on – and it has been a key part of the transformation at London Underground.”

    London Underground

  • “Feels like a very user friendly way of completing a 360 appraisal. A definite improvement on the last system.”

    BBC 360 Degree Feedback participant

Organisational dialogue audit

The world in which business leaders and managers operate has changed. The need for authentic, open dialogue within organisations has never been greater. How great is your organisational dialogue? Complete this audit to find out.

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