Transport for London wins big with t-three

January 31, 2017

Transport for London wins big with t-three

Impactful relationships. Meaningful change.

Embarking on the largest business transformation programme in Europe, we worked in partnership with Transport for London to inspire its individuals to change, grow, and succeed – all while delivering excellent customer service to commuters.

We know that change doesn’t come easy – whether it’s new technology, processes, or an expectation of a new behaviour. Transport for London’s transformation included closing every ticket office, restructuring every team, and retraining every member of staff. How would everyone buy-in and drive a sustainable change?

By working with leaders who could create a spark, inspire, and encourage individuals to be the best that they could.

Award winning relationships.

We are proud to announce that our Transport for London won in three categories at the Training Journal Awards in December 2016.

Here are the categories and the awards they won:

  • Category: Best change management programme
    Award: Gold
  • Category: Best customer service programme
    Award: Gold
  • Category: Best use of technology in learning
    Award: Silver

IMG_0410 (1)

We worked closely with Transport for London to understand how the organisation worked, what could be changed, and how its leaders could take their teams on a transformative adventure and achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Creating a more personal service
  • Reduce operational costs

Letting our people inspire yours.

‘Transforming cultures is one of the most challenging aspects of any change programme. Working collaboratively with t-three we were able to develop during the diagnosis stage a set of behavioural measures that reflected the required shift in mindsets, attitudes and ways of working.

In partnership with t-three we delivered a Leadership and Coaching programme. The impact on business results was a key consideration the award judges took into account for these awards. It’s been a great pleasure working with t-three on one of the largest transformation programmes in Europe.’
– Alexandra Bode-Tunji, Programme Lead People Transformation.

At t-three, we’re all about achieving excellence in business by helping individuals to become the best they possibly can. It all starts with great leadership.

Transport for London’s leaders prepared for change by participating in t-three’s behavioural and leadership development programme. We helped operational managers prepare for their customer facing role so they could deliver a more personal service, while we empowered leaders to take ownership for local change management.

But what are leaders without their teams? Not much, really.

We are experts in people management – supporting teams to adjust to change, embrace new behaviours, and embed them into the company culture. We helped Transport for London’s leaders to work collaboratively with their teams, building a supportive and motivating network that would create change advocacy and bring the company one step closer to meeting overall business objectives.

Participating in our Change Champions programme, Transport for London recruited 200 volunteers from within the organisation, who became responsible for advocating a new way of working, supporting their colleagues through a digital transformation, and encouraging a positive attitude to new way of working.

We don’t only inspire change. We encourage growth. Under the development programmes, every team member upskilled their ticketing knowledge, had access to mobile devices, and created a more personal customer experience. Transport for London achieved a much improved service, with input and determination from its leaders and team members alike.

“This is an exciting programme and we are delighted to be working at the cutting edge of learning design, using a blend of coaching, facilitation and a development centre approach to deliver a transformational experience. It’s been a pleasure to truly work in partnership with the TfL project team to deliver this complex and rewarding programme, where stations have moved to new ways of operating and customer satisfaction is improving. ”
– Laura Whitworth, t-three.

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    So, what are they all saying?

    At t-three, we help you improve performance through your people. We work hard to inspire individuals, teams, and organisations to change, grow and succeed.

    We are a committed, passionate bunch who love what we do. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what they’re saying about us…

    • “Clearly the best development programme I have ever attended. I am convinced as an individual and as a leadership population we have progressed massively in the last two years.”

      Toyota GB programme participant

    • “Working with the t-three group helped in understanding what the Leadership programme should focus on – and it has been a key part of the transformation at London Underground.”

      London Underground

    • “Feels like a very user friendly way of completing a 360 appraisal. A definite improvement on the last system.”

      BBC 360 Degree Feedback participant

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